Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 x 4 +1

Here are two sets of Four Pics from One Spot
plus one bonus shot.

The first 4 are from the Plaza at the end of Main Street

The next 4 are near the Matterhorn
Submarine Lagoon

Submarine and Monorail loading area

towards Tomorrowland

and the Matterhorn

Bonus Shot
These are some old friends that were left hanging.
They now keep an eye on the guest in the Winnie the Pooh ride.

A Happy Romp


The start of another fun day!


  DSC03310  DSC03321


We decided to see if the hotels pretty waterfalls were falling.
And they were!

So pretty.

It seems that you can’t walk down on the paths that go around and under them anymore(which sadly I have no memories of ever doing..) But they’re still very pretty to watch from above.




pretty gazebo by the Hotel.



Riding the Monorail in was such a fun and new experience!

I felt super spoiled!

 DSC03350 DSC03348  DSC03361


The Autopia was crazy that day!

We saw this statue of two cars crashing and thought that that was what was gonna happen to us when we went around the next corner!! (heheh)

Luckily we made it and were able to watch Ben come in from his drive.




Pretty Matterhorn



Where does this tiny door go??




Its not quite as scary with the umbrella huh? hahah




A nice slow day.


DSC03392 DSC03393


When our ride on Splash Mountain ended we were asked if we’d like to stay on and ride it again. We were very tempted! But it was just too chilly that day and we had already become wet enough.



DSC03412 DSC03410


Pretty evening time.


Mmmmmm Rocky Road~

   DSC03423 DSC03428 DSC03430 DSC03439

We closed Zocalos while sitting under nice warm heaters and watching people ride Big Thunder.

We stumbled upon one the block party parades on our way to the Tiki Room. It was a fun sight, to be where it practically empty and see so much madness just a little ways away from you.



A fun day was had by all!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Celebrating the filling of the Rivers of America

The best ride in "parking structure land".

The Minnie Level. So pretty.

From the Minnie level we could see a horse corral and the back of Toon Town.

A pretty alternative to taking the tram.

Taking a break in front of the Castle.

The water is back.
It feels like Disneyland again. :)

A hand dipped Corndog from the Stage Door Cafe.
Would you like some hot dog with all that cornmeal?
When Disneyland says something is hand dipped they mean its hand dipped. haha

A pretty brooklet that runs into the rivers of America from under the traintracks.


I think they used this entire box to make my corndog. haha

Don't fall on the supension bridge!
(especially when your the one shaking it so much)

Wheel all nice and cleaned up on Tom Sawyers Island.

A brownie/strawberry funnel cake explosion we got at the Hungry Bear Resturant.
Even with us working on it for over an hour we still couldn't finish it!

The best way to get woken up after eating that much sugar is to be put on the very back of Space Mountain.
We were flying around in space like we never had before!

Minnie says "Hello"

Pretty flowers and pretty Matterhorn.

Fun Matterhorn too!

Pretty flowers~

Good night Rivers of America.
So glad to have you back. :)

We went to the Village Haus for some yummy pizza and closed the park as we ate.

Pretty colors in the park structure.